The Temple’s Honored Guest

“Your body is a temple.” A condensed version of biblical scripture, this adage has been traditionally viewed as a recommendation to abstain from immoral and unhealthy activities. Sexual promiscuity, junk food, alcohol, smoking, pornography, tattoos, revealing clothes… in other words, anything seen as impure, unhealthy, capricious and calling for undue attention or praise. Abstinence, in truth, is merely a means of avoiding fear on an individual and collective level.

Even among those who are non-traditional or don’t define themselves as religious, this scripture holds great appeal. Some feel compelled to always eat clean, excessively hydrate, and feel guilty for days or weeks when they avoid their rigorous workout routines. Some avoid alcohol, not because they judge it to be a sin, but because of the extra calories.

Let’s disregard for a moment this limited understanding of the referenced piece of scripture, and see from the higher perspective the analogy of the body as a temple. Prior to your re-entrance into physical reality, you select your body. For the vast majority of individuals, there is no conscious awareness of the separation between the body and the inner or higher being. They have a vague idea that a soul dwells within their body, but for all intents and purposes the soul is cradled in morality, then ascends to heaven or descends to hell when they die, based on how “good” or “bad” they were.

If you are reading this communication, you are already a vibrational match to many truths, and thus it is not necessary for us to dispel certain illusions for you. We instead would like to focus on the wondrous nature of the body that has been designed for you to fully explore physical reality. Think about all the extraordinary acts of your body. Even simple actions like simultaneously holding a water bottle with one hand, and holding your cell phone with the other hand, while you walk and talk to someone. Here we list four actions of the body occurring at once, and we haven’t even mentioned breathing, digestion, etc.

The design and ability of your body vibrationally aligns with Gaia. An entity that lives on another planet with higher gravity would marvel at the ease at which you grasp and hold objects. Are you aware of all the freedom you possess with your body in this present dimension?

There is so much potentiality with your physical body, and its ability increases relative to the degree of suspension of your disbelief about its limitations. Let us now consider the “asana” or body posture, which in antiquity was used to describe a sitting meditation pose, and later was integrated into yoga positions such as standing, twisting and balancing. In the tenth century, there were two documented asanas. In the late twentieth century, nearly a thousand were documented. Did the body’s capability increase a thousand fold over a thousand years? In truth, it was merely the conscious study of the body that expanded, and that expansion serves as a means of greater exploration. Remember, the expansion of your awareness does not leave behind your more limited knowledge. The exquisite balancing poses are not a replacement of the basic sitting pose. There is no replacement of energy as The Universe expands, and so it is with your body’s magnificent abilities.

And now we guide you back to the temple that is your body. What makes the temple sacred? It is the body’s multifunctional qualities? Is it its flexibility, strength and endurance? No, it is YOU who makes the temple sacred. The beautiful temple you have chosen merely reflects your divinity, and how you use and adorn your temple is another aspect of your freedom. You are its honored guest.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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